Wednesday, 1 August 2012

It Is Finally Official

Well I have been screaming about this project from the Wrench Monkees for some time now! Posting Spy shots I have, just to spell it out like Yoda. And finally it is here to see, the Honda CB750 K6 - "Scratch Monkey".

The dirt cheap donor is a mix of a 1976 Honda CB 750 K6 and 1977 Super Sport. The frame was slighlty modified with a Kawasaki swingarm. LESTER cast aluminum rims 16" + 19" with Firestone 16 x 5" and Avon Speedmaster 19 x 3,5". The brakes used were Brembo 4 pot caliber and Brembo 16mm brake master front. WM Garage made the clip on's and a bracket for the front caliber. No paint job, just clear lacquer on bare frame and the original blue tank. "Paint job will come this winter, need donations from family" says Nicholas. Some other features include Keihin CR Carbs, KN Filters, Bates style headlight and Tarozzi footpegs


  1. But the real question is:
    Where did they get that tail light? It's beautiful!

    1. I can ask Nicolas next time I see him? I don't know...