Monday, 18 October 2010

Joker Machines 1972 CB750

Joker Machines really did a good job presenting what is possible with a CNC Machine in this build. All of the really cool bits and pieces like the Trible trees with H-bar clamp, Steering stem nut, Side cover kit, Speedo cable plug, custom Clutch cover, and custom valve tapper covers are just some of the nice features that have been made for this bike. And all the parts can be acquired Joker Machines Webshop hip hip hurra [See link below].

But this CB750 is a bit like a spoiled kid right?! It has all the toys that you can’t afford!!!

The Joker Machine is a nice bike that I think you all should have a look at, but personally I think that it is a bit over the top... It has too much going on.

Joker Machines makes cool parts, they just have to be put together in a different way.

Joker Machines Honda CB750 Parts: