Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Lap Around Isle Of Man With Guy Martin

Isle Of Man TT On ITV4

The Isle of Man TT returns to ITV4 in 2011: 

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Saturday 3rd June - Saturday 11 June.

Died On The 26th May At The Isle Of Man TT

John F. Antram - Cruickshanks Corner - 1958

Russell Waring - Union Mills - 1997

Colin Gable - Ballagarey Corner – 1997

100 Years Of Deadly “Entertainment”

It is a 100 years ago since the first fatal accident at the Isle of Man TT [Victor Surridge at Glen Hellen – 27th June 1911]. Since then 231 people have been killed in terminal motorcycle accidents at the Isle of Man. This makes the Isle of Man TT one of the most, if not the deadliest sporting event on the planet! 

Just last year Martin Loicht, from Austria, and Paul Dobbs, from New Zealand, both died during the Supersport 2 Race. Loicht was fatally injured at the Quarry Bends, and Dobbs died in an accident at Ballagarey.

The same year the Isle of Man darling, Guy Martin, was extremely lucky when he cheated death and left his Honda as a burned out shatter wreck! Luckily Mr. Martin ended up in hospital, and not 10 feet under - which has been the case of many a rider at the Isle of Man TT.

Death is, inevitably, the unmentioned guest at the Isle of Man TT. It is a horrible, tragic statistic. But it is not one the riders are unaware of. They know the risk, and they embrace it. They ride not in spite of danger, but because of it. I cannot claim to fully understand it, but I certainly respect it.

I hope the patron saint of motorcyclists Columbanus of Bobbio will be present at this years event, and hope that no one will be seriously injured.

List of Fatal Accidents at the Isle of Man: