Monday, 18 July 2011

The Cafe Fabrication CB750 Café Racer

Wow!!! Way to go Cafe Fabrication []

This  CB750 café racer is build by Cafe Fabrications, and is on of the best CB750s I have seen in a long time! 
The blend of new and old sometimes become strange looking, and does not fit older bikes – but this really works out well (surprisingly???).

The exhausts system is one of the most striking features of this bike, and gives the bike a Ducati race tail look. It most have taken some time to make that piece of tube?! I just love heat wrap, and this is no exception!!! F-ck it is a looker!!!

The modern front forks just make the bike look so much beefier, and the modern wheels are so much better to this style than spokes or 1970s mags.

The seat leather also got some TLC, it shows... And when you really look at this bike there are many custom pieces like the left engine cover, carp velocity stacks, and the VERY nice job that has been done on the frame cut in the tail – this is really pretty compared to the normal strait cut on most CB750 café racers!

All in all this is the best CB750 Café Racer of 2011 if you ask me.

This Week's Cling On Girl...

...Likes her safety gear! I like it too.

The on and only CR750 Seat

Do you want to ride like Dick Mann on The Daytona 200 in 1970??? Well here is a step closer to fulfilling your dream....

This first class CR750 race seat comes strait out of Joe Kings Speedshop, and is sold for a bargaining prize of only 79US/$. What?!? Only five available, so get it while it is hot...

Ebay LINK:

I have a seat just like this on my bike, and it is hot as hell!!!