Monday, 14 November 2011

Sentoh Honda CB836CR

It seem that we are going to see many exhaust tweaked CB750s in the future?! First we saw the Café Fabrication’s Fire red beast. And now there is a new bad boy on the road, made by Jim Guiffra from AFT Customs in Jackson California.

The bike named Sentoh Honda CB836CR is based on a 1976 CB750, and has been fitted with a Wiseco 836 piston and gascet kit. Dynatek ignition system boostes the electrics, and one single Mikuni HSR 42 with custom intake feeds the motor??? And it looks like there has been a race gear box build into the engine. 

It is clear by the strange tank design that it is not an original CB750 frame. The frame was build by TPJ Customs, and the front end is fitted with a Race Tech modified Yamaha R1 upside down fork.

A strange bike with nice details, that I think you all should have the chance to have a look at.


Thanks to Jeff Stephens for info on the bike.

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