Thursday, 17 February 2011

The CB750 Action Figure

This Action Figure will probably never catch on?!?

Mainly because of the its insanely long name: “Diamond Eye Thunder Warrior of Light” ???

Most be Japanese!!! But the motorcycle is nice...


When you swing a leg over a motorcycle you automatically put yourself in danger!

Motorcycle riders normally do not talk much about this fact, and it is really too bad.

I personally had a really terrible crash in 2004, where I was l hospitalised for 4 month and needed two additional months to learn how to walk again. So why continue riding??? Because it is great! But every single bike ride my accident is in the back of my mind, and I use it to stay out of trouble...

Accepting the risk and take the advantage of you primal reflexes to be alert can really help you on a motorcycle. If you do not think this way while riding, you are just a passenger – thus putting yourself in danger.

I will hope that none of you will ever have a crash on a motorcycle, but it is important to assess the risk and accept the threat of one.

And to finish this feed off I will let you have a look at some spectacular crashes and clarification, by some of the great riders of motorcycle racing:

Italian Impressions - The Furious CB750

You can almost fell the Italian wipe, the buzz, the talk, the girls looking at you while you are crossing the city plaza. During this "drive by" it is not the Vespas that steals the picture, but this attitude CB750 1972 K2.

With CR 29mm carps, Bimota swingarm, 4 into 2 exhaust with hand made megaphones, you can’t blame this young lad for getting his motorcycle tattooed on his arm.

Even though it is a work in progress it is still a cool bike! And there is no doubt about that!
When you can use you gas tank as a Campari holder, you have a cool bike (In Italy) !!!

Love It !!!