Thursday, 21 July 2011

The CB750 Flat Tracker

I first saw this CB750 flat tracker back in April, and posted the article here on Cling on under the title "This on slipped away" [See:].

Now there are more detailed fotos available, so feast your eyes folks. 

Café Fabrication's CB750 - In Details

Earlier this week I praised Café Fabrication's CB750 Café Racer to high heaven.

After Having visited their blog, I would like you all to see some details and background of this build.




Motorcycle Parking 1973

Motorcycle parking near Battery Park in Lower Manhattan These machines belong to people who work in downtown offices in 1973 - NICE!!!

The Sunrise Cycles CB750

Here are the only pictures I could find of this very special CB750. It was build by Angeleno from the Japanese garage Sunrise Cycles.
If you have more info on this bike please let me know (