Friday, 8 October 2010

CB750 vs. CR750 ???

A friend of mine asked me why I put CB and CR750 in the headline of a previous thread [].

The reason is actually very simple. The CB750s used for racing in the 1970’s was called CR750, and there were a number of mechanical differences between the CB & CR750.

The most striking design different between the CB & CR model is the longer and narrower fuel tank, and race tail on the CR750. Engine, brakes, exhaust and suspension looks the same, but it is not! The CR750 is a totally different beast!

[Picture: CR750 in front, CB750 in the background]

Injured Dani Pedrosa out of Malaysia GP

Dani Pedrosa will miss the Malaysian MotoGp on Sunday, after he broke his collarbone four places in last weeks practice for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Pedrosa was the only rider who could have challenged the Fiat Yamaha rider Joergen Lorenzo and prevented him from winning the title. Pedrosa's abcence means champion leader Lorenzo will only have to finish in the top 10 at Sepang, in order to be the 2010 champion.

Official Admission of Guilt to Ian Barry [Falcon Motorcycles]

When I first heard of the story my first intention was not to post anything about the Teutuls... They make so many stupid fuckups on end that it is not worth wasting time on.

Everyone who check motorcycle blogs know that Paul T. Jr used a picture of Ian Barry’s beautiful motorcycle “The Falcon” for a commercial t-shirt, and broke every copyright low in the process. Long story short...

The reason why I am posting the follow-up is because it is so un-Teutul to do something as grownup as to give an apology?

The outcome of this circumstances? I let you be the judge....