Wednesday, 16 March 2011

This Years Winter Tyres

This winter has been a pain, and I am so pleased that spring is on its way here in Denmark!

But when winter returns I will be prepared! With these tyres no winter is a match for me!

CB750 Dresda Fruitcakes – 70’s style

One Way Ticket To CB750 Speed Heaven

A trip down memory lane with this dual CB750 engined drag bike will probably take you to about 200+ miles per hour! I know this picture is old, but they went fast enough back then to satisfy most of you peoples need for speed...

Wrenchmonkees on Facebook

Some of my good motorcycle friends and workshop (MCS – Racing) neighbours, the notorious Wrenchmonkees went online on Facebook yesterday.

This is a super opportunity to keep track with news, update, and general info from the cycle chimpanzees!

And please visit the: