Friday, 24 June 2011

The new Coffee & Piston T-shirt 

is out there... 

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Kills - Future Starts Slow

Best Song Of 2011 If You Ask Me !!!

This Is How You Cling On!!!

MotoGadget – The Only Watch You Really Need

It is on! It is really on my bike!

The MotoGadget Motoscope Classic black on black with dark LCD – It is basically all black right!!!

It is on, and I just need to do the last wiring, and it is operational. This piece of kit makes you feel like you are riding a 1950-70’s race bike, or sitting in a First World War fighter plane!!! COOL!!!

So don’t buy one people; It is opium for the soul!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Carabinieri On Acid???

This is weird!!! I am sure in a police mind this film makes some kind of sense?!?
I for one can't see the cool thing in driving in circles and all sorts of patterns....

Have a look man! Some police chief must have mistaken the jar with sweets, with the acid gummi bears they confiscated at the last drug rate, before taken the decision to make every motorcycle policeman in Italy run around in circles...

What I really miss in this film is a police copper falling on his ass.... But it never happens!!! So here is on for you guys!

This is for all the tickets that have been given to motorcyclists in the past! 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This Is Racing!!!

1979 was the year I was born! And I am proud to know that the men back then had balls the size of planets!

Look at this fight, and the super close finish!!! It is madness.... These guys just want to win!

The battle of the 1979 champion Gents - This will get your freak on!!! 

CB750 Café Racer From Analog Motorcycles

This was built by Analog Motorcycles and you can read about the whole build It won the cafe racer TV show / magazine reader ride in competition at Mid Ohio vintage days last year for best Japanese Cafe Racer. It has also won Rockerbox in Milwaukee Best Japanese Modified 2009, Best Cafe Racer Acetober fest Chicago 2010 and a few other shows it was entered in the area.

It gets kudos and looks everywhere it goes. The list of modifications is long and very top notch. There has been about 500 miles +/- since build completion and only a 40-50 since the top end was rebuilt (valves, guides, seals, etc.). The F engine was known for bad exhaust guides so the top has been rebuilt. Runs like a champ. Mileage on the rest of the engine is unknown but aside from spitting the lower case everything else has been gone through (new clutch plates, springs, electronic ignition, gaskets, covers, seals,). 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Black Falcon

This Week's Cling On Girl...

Cling On Man !!!

Honda !!!

Heros Of The Past!

Chet The CB750 Drag Bike

This vintage CB750 race bike named Chet, was put together around 1972-73.

The engine is modified to 1000CC, and it is said that it is not for people with a heart condition; “It will make you [Cling on] for your life” 

This bike was racing in the alcohol class, and is said to run 170 Mph/273 Km/h in the ¼ mile at its heydays.

EVERYTHING ON THIS BIKE IS MADE FOR RACING.... [See specs on EBay – very long list!!!]

The bike may have been used as a cheat bike due to its 28mm carbs set up that appear stock, but the jetting is anything but!!! This means that someone at some point has put these carps on the bike to fool people at the race track, because most race guys would know that this bike, with its modifications, would not breathe properly if not fitted with 34mm carbs. Tricky tricky!!! 



Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Zombi Bike

About a month ago we all got a scare at The Coffee & Pistons headquarters. One of our members unwillingly tried to level the workshop to the ground by crashing his Buell 1125CR into the wall....

Just before entering our yard, there is a manhole cowered by a metal plate. This plate is slippery as fuck, and on this day covered with sand. A true motorcyclist death-trap! 

When the Buell touched the plate, with almost no speed, it lowsided sending the bike and rider onto the ground! Unfortunately in an attempt to try and cling on our member gave the brutal beast the beans, and the night black monster slingshoted him face first into the wall! Ouch!!! 

Fortunately the bike took the worst beating, and broke its neck! But this could have had a real bad ending... On the wall just over the crashed bike is three metal bars sticking out from the wall, and these could very well have impaled our good friend, and left him deader then dirt!

In not so many words: He and We where very very lucky that day...

The good news is that the insurance paid for it to be fully re-building to its former glory. 

It seems that this bike will return from the dead to munch on human flesh once more....?

The Zombie Bike is resurrecting as we speak people!!!

Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid


To Anders:

We are all happy to have you here today! 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

John McGuinness Wins Saturdays Dainese Superbike TT Race

Congratulations Mr. McGuinness 

Guy Martin Crashes Again At Isle Of Man

Not as dramatic as last years crash, but seriously Mr. Martin! 


[To win you have to finish...]

CB750 Wheelie - Japaese Style

Copenhagen Café Racers At The Prowl

Two of my motorcycle mates went out on a shake down ride of their bikes, a couple of days ago. They where so kind to take some pictures of the trip, and they came out pretty nice....

Soon these bikes will be rebuild into fullblown Café Racers... And already these old bones halls ass! It will be good, it will be beautiful, it will be epic!

Have fun guys... And let this be a reminder to you all that the summertime is the time to get the hell out there and cling on!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

McGuinness Is Super Fast In Second Practice

Isle of Man TT, Superbike Qualifying - Tuesday, 31st May 

John McGuinness
999cc Honda / TT Legends - Laps: 2 - Lap Time: 17 32.59 - Speed: 129.041

Guy Martin
1000cc Suzuki / Relentless Suzuki [TAS Racing] - Laps:2 Lap Time: 17 39.00 Speed: 128.261

Thanks To The Guba Dukes

Thank you for linking to Cling on for dear life Mr.Guba Duke