Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Zombi Bike

About a month ago we all got a scare at The Coffee & Pistons headquarters. One of our members unwillingly tried to level the workshop to the ground by crashing his Buell 1125CR into the wall....

Just before entering our yard, there is a manhole cowered by a metal plate. This plate is slippery as fuck, and on this day covered with sand. A true motorcyclist death-trap! 

When the Buell touched the plate, with almost no speed, it lowsided sending the bike and rider onto the ground! Unfortunately in an attempt to try and cling on our member gave the brutal beast the beans, and the night black monster slingshoted him face first into the wall! Ouch!!! 

Fortunately the bike took the worst beating, and broke its neck! But this could have had a real bad ending... On the wall just over the crashed bike is three metal bars sticking out from the wall, and these could very well have impaled our good friend, and left him deader then dirt!

In not so many words: He and We where very very lucky that day...

The good news is that the insurance paid for it to be fully re-building to its former glory. 

It seems that this bike will return from the dead to munch on human flesh once more....?

The Zombie Bike is resurrecting as we speak people!!!

Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid


To Anders:

We are all happy to have you here today! 

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