Monday, 10 September 2012

Day Three - Classic TT [190 Km]

Back home in the garage, safe and nothing broke! GREAT!!! 

Day two - Second Leg - Classic TT [45 Km]

The last and shortest leg of the trip, turned out to be the longest. Between road 587 and 15, a spark plug stopped working and I was running on 3 then 2 cylinders - and we needed to stop. 4 new sparkplugs later we where on the road again, heading for Risskov in Århus. Now we needed beer, took a taxi to the bars with our local friends!

CB750 - Classic TT

Honda CR750 Dick Mann Replica - Classic TT

50cc - Classic TT

350cc Crash - Classic TT

Unfortunately there were many crashes during saturday's races. The 350cc race had the most serious series of crash, that took some seven driver off the track. All drivers walked off the track themselves...

Drivers who crashed

(4) Hans Riksfjord [Norway] Honda 350
(7) Tomas Bellö Karlsson [Sweden] Yamaha YR1
(21) Pentti Kiviharju [Sweden] Honda CB350
(42) Micke Andersen [Sweden] Honda CB350

The Pit - Classic TT

The pit area of the Classic TT at Ring Djursland is the largest display of classic race bikes in Scandinavia, and there are something for everyone! Bikes from all around the globe is gathered here, in engine sizes from 50cc - 750cc.

Day two - First Leg - Classic TT [120 Km]

Day One - Classic TT [120 Km]

Thank you Susanne
for the great food, and a bed to sleep on