Friday, 7 January 2011

Kurt Culler’s CB750 Café Racer

Kurt Culler from Kustom Made Creations in Chester,West Virginia USA is the owner and builder of this sinister looking custom bike. The motorcycle is a 1976 Honda CB750 and has been nicked named “Operation Birth Control”??? This is the first bike Kurt has ever owned and built himself.

The tail section is a Steve Carpy fiberglass piece with a 40′s Ford flush mounted tail light. The rear wheel is a 16 inch Harley Davidson with a Dunlop Qualifier tire. The gas tank is from a later model Honda CB750 Super Sport. The gauge faces are custom made and Kurt did all the bikes stripping and painting. On top of that Kurt also made the exhaust pipes, seat mount, license plate bracket, and switch housings. The clubman handle bars really make this bike look cool.

If I should mention one feature on this bike that takes the price, it is the heat wrapped exhaust pipes! Mean looking!!!

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Cling On Brothers !!!

TAS Classic Motorsports – Failed Miserably!

Since September last year I have had issues (plural!!!) with TAS Classic Motorsports!

I ordered an oil pressure gauge for my CB750, and it did not show up! I have for the past 4 month been calling repetitively to there Parts Manager Mathew Paul, who every time I call promised to re-send the part and inform me with track & trace numbers for the shipment. This never happened!

Generally TAS Classic Motorsports frequently failed to reply to several e-mails, and gave an impression of being one of the sloppiest companies I have ever done business with.

I would like to warn all of you Café Racer builders around the world of this company!

They are not professionals…

Sorry guys!