Monday, 19 August 2013

Cedric Lynch - Future Electric

It is no secret that I do not have much time for this blog at the moment, and I am sorry for that. Right now I am heaviely involved in electric road racing, and yesterday i returned from Oschersleben Motorsports Arena in Germany where my team Future Electric met up with the FIM and the race team from the Race Series eRoad Racing World Cup

Since TTXGP (now FIM eRoad Racing World Cup) started back in 2009, and ever since I saw the movie Charged, I have really been admirering the inveter of the Lynch electric motor Mr. Cedric Lynch

Not only did we have the time to have an hour long tech chat with this e-racing legend, we also got the chance to give an interview with him to the FIM crew. A dream come true really! Or more like being in a dream really... It is just now hours later that I really understand what happend.

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Mr. Cedric Lynch

Classic TT Honda Racer

Ohh F*ck It's Monday

You Got Work To Do...

CB750 Air Plane -Belt Buckle

You Never Run Out Of Gas?!?

Don't Hesitate To Get Out There!

Back Alley Work Horse

Like A Glove

The G3 CB750