Monday, 21 February 2011

The Kestrel In The Desert

This is one of the bikes in this world, that you used can’t take your eyes off!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Radical Brake Maintenance - An Update

Yesterday I promised to make an update on the brake caliper situation, and here it is ...

I have been in the workshop all day, and the brakes are now good and ready for assembly. Great news!

The bike will hopefully be on the road soon... Knock on wood!

The No.1 CR750

The Black Wing - CB750 Café Racer

Friday, 18 February 2011

Radical Brake Maintenance...

I am not only making a dual disc conversion to my CB750, the calibers have been totally disassembled and taken down to bare metal - and will be painted tomorrow. New stainless steel brake caliper pistons are in the making, and a set of drilled brake rotors have just arrived.

These modifications will make this bike look super slick, and make it stop on a dime!

There will be an update on this work soon...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The CB750 Action Figure

This Action Figure will probably never catch on?!?

Mainly because of the its insanely long name: “Diamond Eye Thunder Warrior of Light” ???

Most be Japanese!!! But the motorcycle is nice...


When you swing a leg over a motorcycle you automatically put yourself in danger!

Motorcycle riders normally do not talk much about this fact, and it is really too bad.

I personally had a really terrible crash in 2004, where I was l hospitalised for 4 month and needed two additional months to learn how to walk again. So why continue riding??? Because it is great! But every single bike ride my accident is in the back of my mind, and I use it to stay out of trouble...

Accepting the risk and take the advantage of you primal reflexes to be alert can really help you on a motorcycle. If you do not think this way while riding, you are just a passenger – thus putting yourself in danger.

I will hope that none of you will ever have a crash on a motorcycle, but it is important to assess the risk and accept the threat of one.

And to finish this feed off I will let you have a look at some spectacular crashes and clarification, by some of the great riders of motorcycle racing:

Italian Impressions - The Furious CB750

You can almost fell the Italian wipe, the buzz, the talk, the girls looking at you while you are crossing the city plaza. During this "drive by" it is not the Vespas that steals the picture, but this attitude CB750 1972 K2.

With CR 29mm carps, Bimota swingarm, 4 into 2 exhaust with hand made megaphones, you can’t blame this young lad for getting his motorcycle tattooed on his arm.

Even though it is a work in progress it is still a cool bike! And there is no doubt about that!
When you can use you gas tank as a Campari holder, you have a cool bike (In Italy) !!!

Love It !!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

CR750 Dynatest 4 megafoner.avi

Yep! People from Scandinavia know how to build bikes to!

This CR750 race bike rev up to 11.000 rpm, have 86,4 hk on rear wheel / 75 nm. Not bad for a motorcycle from the 70s

The sound of this think on the dyno? All I can say is wow !!!

Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel: Making Of

When craftsmanship becomes an artform

Thursday, 10 February 2011

When the CB in CB750 stands for Club Black

When the disco “Club Black” opened in Herning, Denmark early 2010, they ordered some of the coolest interior design around!

The notorious Wrench Monkees made up a series of three dark menacing looking Club Black Bikes to put on display at the club. Unfortunately none of them run, due to the fact that they are show bikes. But what a feast for the eyes they are!

Have a look at the two other Club Black bikes at the Wrench Monkees homepage:

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Vyrus 986 M2 on the street?!?

The Vyrus 986 M2 Moto2 bike was recently unveiled at the Verona Bike Show, and what a crazy race bike it is! I am a big Hub Center Steering fan myself, so the news that the contagious “Virus” is spreading, and that we could expect a street version of the bike as early as September this year, make me thinking of murdering my piggy-bag!!!

Horsepower is expected to be 136hp, with the bike tipping the scales at 135kg – not a bad power to weight ratio!!!

At €25,000 though, the Vyrus 986 M2 becomes a very attractive street bike, that I passionately is expecting a lot from.

Another Ebay Café Racer!

This guy is selling his CB750 Café Racer because he needs money for his honeymoon???

Hi must really love that girl :) Good luck Mr. Lover Man...

The list of parts on this bike is long, have a look yourself:

List of things that has been done to this bike.

Suspension and Brakes:
GL1000 Front end w/ Progressive fork springs
GL1000 Fork Brace
Progressive 12 Series rear shocks
All Balls Wheel Bearings
Tapered steering head bearings
Custom fit bronze swing arm bushings/rebuild
New Dunstall TT100/K81 Tires (<500 mi)
New spokes, wheels professionally trued
New Pads (F/R), front brake pistons
S/S Brake Lines
M/C and callipers rebuilt
Steering Damper (not installed, but has fork clamp for installation)
New Chain

Engine, Exhaust, Ignition:
Complete rebuild (cases split), <1000 mi since rebuild!
New rings, cylinders measured and honed
Spin on oil filter adapter
Oil Cooler
1975 CB750F Header
Dunstall slip on silencer (real, not replica)
Carbs cleaned and rebuilt
Dyna 3 ohm coils
Dyna S Ignition
Dyna plug wires
Iridium Plugs

Solo Throttle
All In One LH Control Switch
Tommasselli Adjustable Clubmans
Tarozzi Rear Sets
Digital Bike Speedo
Fiberglass Cafe seat (custom covered)
LED Front and Rear Signals (front not installed)
Polished forks and brake hub
Finned Ignition and clutch covers
Chrome stator cover
New ABS Side covers
Tank has been sealed
Petcock rebuilt
New wiring harness
Motion Pro Cables
Frame, rims and hubs are powder coated

Make a bid at:

Monday, 7 February 2011

Psycho CR750 Replica on Ebay!

Sometimes people just go over the top and overkill their bikes! This is a really good example…

This CR750 Replica poped up on Ebay yesterday, and is seriously a “one of” overstatement of historic proportions!

A lot of the parts on this bike are taken from a Honda CBR 929, and the rest is from a 71 CB750. If you can say “The rest” of anything on this bike, because there is so many custom fabricated pieces on this bike that it is hard to see the CB750 underneath it all?!?

Crazy stuff really! But if you have US $16,000.00, this could be yours to ride?

Make your bid on:

Friday, 4 February 2011

The On And Only CR750

This is the original CR750 that won the Daytona 200 in 1970 with Dick Mann as a driver.

The three members of Team Honda USA, behind the race victory; Bob Hansen, Ron Robbins, and Bob Jameson visited the State Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris [] on September the 16th in 2003 where they signed the bike (See left side of the faring)

This beautiful CR750 ran its last race in 1974 with the French team Vésinet Team Sport, and has been restored to its original condition by a French restoration company.

The output has been measured to 85 horse power, and the value of the bike was in 2005 estimated to 330,000 € (450,000$).

CB750 Race Day – I crave Summer!

I am in serious need of riding my bike ASAP! The weather here in Denmark is terrible, and the day started with cold dark rain!!!
Fortunately the Danish summer can’t be beat, but May 2011 seems a long time from now.

Until then I will reminisce to the classic race days that will be taking place during this summer!

See you all at the race track! The place bikes belong…

Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Danish Rider After A Long Winter!

The Danish winter weather can really make you crazy! The cold is one thing, the complete lack of sunshine is what brings you down… And on top of that we can’t ride our bikes!

I am on the brink of dragging my bike into the living room, and do like this guy!