Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lightning Motors sets land speed record

This Friday the Lightning Motors Team took the FIM and AMA land speed record, for special construction partial streamlining electric motorcycles (300-APS-W) with an official two-way average speed of 173.388 mph (279.040 km/h). Blasting down the course at 170.732 mph (274.766 Km/h) with a 10 mph headwind, Lightning Motors’ return run was clocked at 176.044 (283.315 Km/h) with no wind.

Michael Czysz and the MotoCzysz crew was unable to top Lightning’s time, but was able to reached their goals for the weekend with an anticipated best speed of 165 mph, Czysz & Co. hit 163 mph (265 Km/h).

The Jose Armenteros CB750

Just stumbled on these cool pictures of a cool yellow CB750.

It was build by Jose Armenteros, and if you have not noticed it has Yoshimura exhausts…