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CB750 Café Racer With Class

Brad Bartkus was so kind to send me and e-mail with some photos of his super classy CB750. The balance between originality and cool Café Racer is super sharp in this build, and I really like this bike. And the Yoshimura exhaust is a tell tell sign that this is no sissy bike!!!

And please pay attention to the tachometer decals! Mr. Bartkus explained to me that the Kanji symbols mean Kamikaze, but I believe it says “Rev higher than this point and dad will kick your ass!!!”  But my Japanese may be a bit rusty??? I could be mistaken??? 

Godffery's Garage - Café Overkill

About three weeks ago an e-mail dropped into my cling on for dear life mailbox. This mail was from Mr. Jeff Stephens aka. Godffery, saying; I’ve been fallowing your blog, and it’s good to see your back up and running. I may have some content for you?”
And yes indeed he did, a link with access to literally hundreds of pictures of his work. A treasure chamber of Honda goodies, straight out of Godffery's Garage - a little shop operate out of his home in Burlington WI.
Unfortunately I have not had the time to go through all of this material yet, and hope to do a follow up at some point?

But what I will do, is to do something out of the ordinary! Namely put a CB550 on this blog!?! Sacrilege?!? Well have a look at it and see what you think?

Well this spoiled lady of a 1978 Honda CB550K, is not a stranger on the internet. She has been on Discovery channel’s Café Racer TV, Bike EXIF, and it was featured in the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Café Racer Magazine.
When customer Richard Coasby gave Mr. Godffery a budget that would allow him to build something really special, he did.

Mr. Godffery says this about the build: The donor bike was rough to say the least, so I didn’t feel too bad cutting into it or tossing what was left of the stock parts. [...] The suspension & hydraulic clutch were probably the most challenging of the mods; why twin shocks instead of a mono? Everyone is doing mono conversions. Why exterior fork springs? I just liked the vintage look.  Why go hydraulic on the clutch? I hadn’t seen it done yet on a CB550 and it would help the lever action with the Heavy Duty Barnett clutch plates & springs.

This bike was built to be ridden; there are a lot of real interesting builds out there but just not practical to ride. You’ve probably here the expression “MotoPorn” You know, really nice too look at but no touching; Well I like to think of this one being a little more like a MotoProstitute because you can actually wrap your legs around it and ride it as hard as you like…!!!     

I fully agree on the last part! If you make a bike you are afraid to crash, you have build a sculpture NOT a motorcycle! But crashing this baby would be a bitter pill to swallow!!!

There are too many things on this bike that I would like to tell you about, but the blog format really do not allow me to do so. But I will leave a list of specs at the end of this post, for you all to study. 

List of mods & parts: 
Frame modifications by Randy http://www.framecrafters.net/  

Battery – Odyssey Deep Cycle Marine Drycell.
Billet aluminum exhaust clamps, tappet covers, oil cap & triple clamp nut.
Brake plate [Rear] – Vented & lightened.
Brake adjusters – Removed from fork lowers, allowing for free floating.
Cam & Valve springs – WebCam.
Carburetors – Keihin CR26.
Clip-on handlebars – Telefix.
Clutch actuator – converted to accept Yoyodyne hydraulic slave.
Clutch cover – Oil sight glass added.
Cylinder head – Ported.
Dual disc conversion – Modified stock Drilled & thinned.
Electronic Ignition & Coils by DYNA.
Electrics – Relocated under seat.
Exhaust – (Special requested 6” shorter & with heal guards) 4 into 2 stainless steel, by Benji’s.
Fenders [Front & rear] – Modified Ducati.
Fender brace [Front] – hand fabricated aluminum.
Fork tubes – 50.4mm over from Forking by Frank’s.
Fork brace – Tarozzi (modified for fender brace).
Fuel tank & Bump seat – Aluminum, by Benji’s.
Gauge face – Replaced with custom & turned 45°.
Headlight ears – Cast aluminum, from Mike’s XS.
Headlight & bucket - Modified Ducati.
Hydraulic lines [Clutch & Brakes] – Red braded stainless steel from Slingshot Cycles.
Idiot lights – Built into gauge face with LED’s.
Ignition [Coils, Timing & Leads] Dynatek.
Intake manifolds – Ported and modified to except Carb balancing tubes.
Master cylinders [Brake & Clutch] - radial Nissin.
Oil pressure gauge – Added directly into oil pump.
Oil temperature gauge – Added to billet filler cap nut.
Oil filter adapter – Randakks.
Polished Alloy – By Mike’s polishing.
Rearsets – Tarozzi from Fast from the Past.
Rearset support brackets – Hand fabricated aircraft aluminum.
Sprocket cover – Vented, lightened and modified to accept oil pressure gauge.
Steering dampener – Multi setting Daytona.
Suspension [Front] – Internal springs replaced with modified 69 CB450 external springs.
Suspension [Rear] – Dual inboard using modified stock swingarm. Fabricated by FrameCrafters.
Tail light – Austin Healey / Triumph TR3.
Tires – Dunlop K81.
Timing cover – Clear acrylic, engraved by Frankenstuff.
Triple tree [Top] – Removed handlebar clamps & gauge mounts from stock.
Wheels - 18” Akront aluminum shouldered rims and stainless steel spokes from Buchanan’s.