Tuesday, 29 November 2011

CB750 Café Racer With Class

Brad Bartkus was so kind to send me and e-mail with some photos of his super classy CB750. The balance between originality and cool Café Racer is super sharp in this build, and I really like this bike. And the Yoshimura exhaust is a tell tell sign that this is no sissy bike!!!

And please pay attention to the tachometer decals! Mr. Bartkus explained to me that the Kanji symbols mean Kamikaze, but I believe it says “Rev higher than this point and dad will kick your ass!!!”  But my Japanese may be a bit rusty??? I could be mistaken??? 


  1. I love those clocks, totally makes the bike perfect :)
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey

    say thanks to Brad "The Brat" :D

    Hi send these nice pictures to me ;)

    He is the real hero here!

    [Thank you for the comment]

  3. This winter the bike will be getting dual brakes and tapered bearings (http://www.allballsracing.com/). While that's being done by Jeff Stephens (AKA Godffery from Godffery's Garage...See other article on this blog) it'll probably need fork seals and the fork aluminum polished up. The way things usually go, I'll probably end up getting a new Avon tire, and a rim and stainless spokes from Buchanan's.