Friday, 16 September 2011

The All Chrome CB750 Café Racer

In July I posted a super cool all chromed up CB750 Café Racer here at Cling on for dear life. Due to the old Japanese flag on the seat, I associated it with emperor ruled Japan, and titled it “The Kamikaze CB750”.  

Moments later I got a comment from my partner in crime, Mr. Paulo, who runs Joe Kings Helmets Speedshop. He knew the owner of the bike, and was building a set of four into four CR750 exhaust pipes (for his own CR750 replica) with him.

Paulo informed me that the bike was not build in Japan, but was from Brazil. And even better, he also send more cool pictures of the bike.

People, I am sorry that the former post gave the impression that it was a Japanese bike, but I am really happy that I was informed of this, so you could all benefit from more info and material on this super nice CB750.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Latest Progress

My CB750 Café Racer project is standing still at the moment due to the fact that our worhshop Coffee & Pistons are moving to a bigger and better workshop, and I am personally also moving to a bigger and better home. 

All good, but no motorcycle work... But here are the latest progress for you people to see.

 Engine has been cleaned to match the rest of the bike
 Dual drilled discs & heatwrap on the headers
 16mm brakecylinder to match the dual disc conversion
 Rear sets as cool as your mother in law's love - that is cold!
A cow was killed to make my ass comfortable
[Hate me all you cow lovers!!!]



Sunday, 4 September 2011

Death Of A CR750 - The Ralph Bryan Crash

The legendary victory of Dick Mann at the Daytona 200 in 1970, was not without loses. Ralph Bryan crashed during the practice and his CR750 burned dramatically due to the high amount of highly flammable magnesium used in building the racer. This is a montage of the event...

CB750 Flat Tracker

Ballaugh Bridge 1977

This is an extract from an article inside the 1977 Isle of Man TT Programme.

This extract shows Phil Read leaping the Ballaugh Bridge while he was undertaking a few laps to reacquaint himself with the circuit after a few year's absence.

Jagger & Mccartney On A Honda

If it is good enough for Jagger & Mccartney... 
                                               ...then it is good enough for me!

Oh F-ck!!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

CR 750 Sketch

World's Quickest Honda!

Have A Nice Friday!

The motorcycle season in Denmark will soon be over, and if you have had a fruitful summer you probably need new tires anyway...

                                          ....Have a nice tire splitting weekend People! 

With regards, Cling On For Dear Life

Thursday, 1 September 2011

A CR750 Race Rebel

It has been three decades since Dick Mann was manhandling his CR750 round the curves and bends of Daytona, but people are still racing these beautiful machines.

I took these pictures a fortnight ago at The Ring Djursland Track at the International Classic TT. And even though this CR750 did not get the checkered flag, it did not come in last.