Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Vanishing Point

Was just watching the movie “Vanishing Point”, and just loved the scene with the nice old Honda in the dessert. Cool Stuff…

Why “Cling On” ?!?


The Ideal Workshop

Luckily I have access to a workshop, shared with 7 other guys. But the ideal workshop would be something like this. My own small workspace.

My Café Racer Project

As any Hot Shot Hip Kid, Snot Punk Wannabe, I also want a piece of the action! So of cause I needed my own Honda CB 750. It is a 1977 K7 CB 750, and I plan to re-build her over the next 2-3 years.

At the moment I am driving it almost every day. It needs a new clutch at some point, and its electric system is allergic to rain at the moment. Apart from that she purrs like a kitten.

With a dual disk brake conversion, black clubman bars, CB 750 Daytona or CB 450 race tank, race tail, belmouth intakes, a different exhaust, and rear sets, she will be a stunner!

Check out the progress on this blog from approximately September :)

Back in Ghana

Returning to Ghana I believed I needed a bit stronger bike, and switched the Sukida with a used Yamaha AG 100. The Yamaha was ideal for my needs at the time. Its was simple and economical, had a 98cc two stroke engine with autolube system and CDI ignition that meant no plug oiling or fewer moving parts. The last thing I needed was a high maintenance machine!

Out on the dirt roads it has an extra low first second and third gear spread that is perfect for low-speed crossing on foot paths on the savannah, while fourth and fifth gears provide enough top-end speed to get you from place to place with ease.

In less then 2½ month I did almost 5400 km on it.

The reconstruct

Haven returned to Denmark, I was isolated at the hospital due to danger of me carrying disease from Ghanaian hospitals. After 3 weeks from the accident I was finally operated, and my leg was put back together with an Ilizarov system, and two internal screws. After 2½ month in hospital, I returned home and started training and rehabilitation. Nearly 6 month after the accident I was able to walk well enough to return to Ghana and finish my work. The two screws were later taken out, and I still keep them as a freakish souvenir.