Thursday, 3 May 2012

New CB750 Cafe Racer From WM ?!?

It seems like the tool abes at Uplandsgade, are cooking up another CB750 Café Racer? 
And from what I heard they got it dirt cheap to? Rummour says it's an old dead mans bike!!!

Cling On For Dear Life ! ! !

CB750 Racer - RAU Frame

Manfred Rau Frames

Manfred Rau from Germany copied the Egli backbone design, and made a great design even better. The production of Rau frames changed hands in 1985, when Manfred Rau sold his operations to  PS-Schuppen (PSS). Manfred Rau himself died unexpectedly in 1991, age 48.

Airfix 1/8 CR750 Scale Model