Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Black Falcon

This Week's Cling On Girl...

Cling On Man !!!

Honda !!!

Heros Of The Past!

Chet The CB750 Drag Bike

This vintage CB750 race bike named Chet, was put together around 1972-73.

The engine is modified to 1000CC, and it is said that it is not for people with a heart condition; “It will make you [Cling on] for your life” 

This bike was racing in the alcohol class, and is said to run 170 Mph/273 Km/h in the ¼ mile at its heydays.

EVERYTHING ON THIS BIKE IS MADE FOR RACING.... [See specs on EBay – very long list!!!]

The bike may have been used as a cheat bike due to its 28mm carbs set up that appear stock, but the jetting is anything but!!! This means that someone at some point has put these carps on the bike to fool people at the race track, because most race guys would know that this bike, with its modifications, would not breathe properly if not fitted with 34mm carbs. Tricky tricky!!!