Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Before The Real Action Starts - We Wait

Qualifying for the 2011 Isle of Man TT Races got underway on Monday evening and although conditions were far from ideal, both the solos and sidecars were able to get in two laps although the solo’s had begun a third lap when the session was red flagged early due to heavy rain on the Mountain.

The damp conditions could clearly be seen in the opening lap times with Klaffenbock quickest at 107.407mph followed by Neary at 106.971mph and Elmer at 103.234mph. Second time around and road conditions improved slightly allowing Klaffenbock to move up to 110.911mph and Elmer to 106.977mph.

At 7.30pm, the solos were out on the course and rider liaison officers John Barton and Richard Quayle escorted Simon Andrews, Dean Harrison, Daniel Hegarty, Piotr Betlej, Robert Wilson and Lee Vernon for their sighting lap before the main contenders got their first taste of the Mountain Course this year.

It was Michael Dunlop and Guy Martin who got the session underway at 7.50pm, the Northern Irishman out on his Superstock machine and the Lincolnshire man opting for his Superbike. Following them were Bruce Anstey, Adrian Archibald, Paul Owen, Ian Mackman, Luis Carreira and Ryan Farquhar, the latter having his first outing on his new Superbike mount.

Meanwhile Honda team-mates John McGuinness and Keith Amor were two of the last to leave the line with Michael Rutter only getting as far as the end of pitlane before returning back to the paddock on his Ducati Superstock bike. The BSB star had earlier received a medical as soon as he reached the paddock after his spill at Thruxton earlier in the day.

Second time around and McGuinness and Amor, who spent the first two laps circulating in close formation, moved to the top of the early Superbike leaderboard with laps of 122.838mph and 122.637mph with Anstey sandwiching the pair on his Superstock at 122.752mph but Martin was in trouble, pushing in to the top of pitlane. Dunlop, who swapped his Superstock bike for his Superbike machine was also in trouble, pulling off the course at Crosby and making his way back to the paddock via the back roads.

Died On The 31th May At The Isle Of Man TT

John P. O’Driscoll - 33rd Milestone – 1951

Martin B. Ames - Quarterbridge Road – 1980

Rob Holden - Glen Helen – 1996

Mick Lofthouse - Pinfold Cottage – 1996

Bernadette Bosman - Kirk Michael – 1999

Raymond Hanna - Greeba Castle – 2000

Monday, 30 May 2011

First Practice Session Today

The Isle of Man TT 2011 is all systems go!

First practice session starts this evening:

Solo bikes - 18.20 - 19.55 pm [Guy Martin Time!]

Sidecars - 20.00 - 20.50 pm

Died On The 30th May At The Isle Of Man TT

Thomas A. Westfield - Keppel Gate – 1950

Alan G. Jarvis - Quarterbridge Road – 1986

Marco Fattorelli - Greeba Castle – 1989

John Mulcahy – Barregarrow – 1989

Frank Duffy – Kerrowmoar – 1991

Chris Ascott - Westwood Corner – 2000

Joakim Karlsson - Douglas Road Corner – 2005 

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Danish Thomas Harding Died At Todays Race

It is sad to inform you all that the danish superbike rider Thomas Harding died at todays motorcycle race at Padborg Park. Harding lost control of his motorcycle, hit a crash barrier and was subsequently hit by his own vehicle.

Harding was flown to Flensborg Hospital, where he died from his injuries at 16:43.

#95 Thomas Harding


Season Opening - Motorstyrelsen

The Copenhagen based motorcycle club Motorstyrelsen held their second season opening at their workshop yesterday.

Most of the bikes in the shop is pre 1960, and they are all in super condition.

Thanks to Kasper & Christian for the invitation - Hope to see you on the 11th July...


The Matchless Café Racer

This beautiful Matchless G12 650 was first registered in July 31st 1961

Very nice ...

The Yamaha SR 400 Rat Pack

The Indian

Died On The 29th May At The Isle Of Man TT

John Makaula-White - Handley's Corner – 1950

Leonard C Bolshaw - 32nd Milestone – 1951

Roger J. Cox - Sarah's Cottage – 1984

Petr Hlavatka - The Nook – 1991

Stephen Wood – Whitegates – 2000

David Jefferies – Crosby – 2003

Serge le Moal - Braddan Bridge – 2004

Jun Maeda - Ballahutchin Hill - 2006

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Died On The 28th May At The Isle Of Man TT

Johan Erik van Tilburg - Windy Corner/33rd Milestone – 1948

Peter McKinley – Milntown – 1975

Sven Tomas Eriksson - Alpine Cottage – 1985

Mats Urban Eriksson - Alpine Cottage – 1985

Ian Ogden - 11th Milestone – 1986

Ian Young – Appledene – 1991

Unique Fully Factory Built CR750 For Sale!!!

This unique Honda CR 750 is fully factory built by Honda in Japan NOT a replica. The bike was sold to the Swedish Honda distributer to be raced in the Formula 750 cc class in Sweden. The bike was ordered in the summer of 1971 and delivered in time for the race season of 1972.
The bike was owned by the Honda distributor until 1974. During that time the bike was never raced. It was tested only one time and lightly crashed on the right side.

There is probably not more than 4 or 5 CR 750 bikes built by Honda of 1971 model.

Replaced parts is following: Crank case (Honda original) Pistons (Honda STD F1), Conrods (Carrillo), rear shock absorbers (Koni) and front brake pads(SBS). The cylinder head is an original CR Honda, factory ported, with 31 mm inlet and magnesium carburetors, including 31 mm original rubber inlets. The camshaft is original CR and CR specification. CR cam-chain and CR transmission chain. The steel  cam chain tensioner  has a push wheel  with ball bearing. The clutch is reinforced race specification. The gearbox is a close race gearbox with reversed selector.

  • The crankshaft is a lighter and balanced race crank from Honda.
  • The ignition is a fixed 40 degrees ignition. (welded by Honda.)
  • The Exhaust is a very thin wall exhaust, that is two halves welded together.
  • The rear wheel hub is made of magnesium with a riveted brake surface of steel with original brake shoes.
  • Front brakes are modified by the factory to dual front brakes, including the brackets.
  • Honda CR insertrumentation with brackets. (rew-counter, oil pressure)
  • Front fork springs are classified and the data is marked at the lower forklegs.
  • Race Steering damper and brackets are from Honda with damper specifications marked at the damper.
  • Aluminum race fuel tank, with a 1 liter reservoir.
  • Original CR oil cooler with special bracket.
  • Crankcase and oil tank ventilation has a separate expansion tank under the seat.
  • The fairing is original, and has a special air intake and outlet for the oil cooler. The lower quick release bracket for the fairing is welded in the frame.
  • The ignition key is located on the right side under the fuel tank with a special bracket.
  • The handle bars are a quick release clip on type with factory marks for the right position.

All documentation from the factory is included. There are 9 pages of blue print transparent papers, each page signed by the responsible mechanic at the Honda factory.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Two MotoCzysz Racers At The Isle Of Man 2011

The MotoCzysz E1pc was ridden to victory at the Isle of Man TT in the 2010 Race by American rider Mark Miller, who won by nearly two minutes with a record setting average lap speed of 96.82 mph around the 37 ¾ mile course. Miller will return with the #1 plate on an upgraded 2010 E1pc for the 2011 race meeting. 

He will be joined in the Oregon based outfit this year by TT star Michael Rutter who will be piloting the all-new 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc. Rutter is an accomplished road racer, with 27 British Superbike Championship race wins, 12 victories at the North West 200 festival in Northern Ireland, and one win and eight further podium finishes at the Isle of Man TT.

The 2011 SES TT Zero race will take place on Wednesday 8th June and MotoCzysz will be one of a number of teams that will be aiming to be the first to achieve the historic 100mph mark for a clean emissions bike. The Isle of Man Government has offered a £10k prize to the first Clean Emissions team to achieve the prestigious 100mph lap around the 37 ¾ mile course.

Died On The 27th May At The Isle Of Man TT

Peter L. Hardy - Laurel Bank – 1974

Aaron Kennedy - Crosby Cross-Roads – 1996

Colin Daniels - Bray Hill – 2002

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Lap Around Isle Of Man With Guy Martin

Isle Of Man TT On ITV4

The Isle of Man TT returns to ITV4 in 2011: 

Remember to watch highlights every night from 
Saturday 3rd June - Saturday 11 June.

Died On The 26th May At The Isle Of Man TT

John F. Antram - Cruickshanks Corner - 1958

Russell Waring - Union Mills - 1997

Colin Gable - Ballagarey Corner – 1997

100 Years Of Deadly “Entertainment”

It is a 100 years ago since the first fatal accident at the Isle of Man TT [Victor Surridge at Glen Hellen – 27th June 1911]. Since then 231 people have been killed in terminal motorcycle accidents at the Isle of Man. This makes the Isle of Man TT one of the most, if not the deadliest sporting event on the planet! 

Just last year Martin Loicht, from Austria, and Paul Dobbs, from New Zealand, both died during the Supersport 2 Race. Loicht was fatally injured at the Quarry Bends, and Dobbs died in an accident at Ballagarey.

The same year the Isle of Man darling, Guy Martin, was extremely lucky when he cheated death and left his Honda as a burned out shatter wreck! Luckily Mr. Martin ended up in hospital, and not 10 feet under - which has been the case of many a rider at the Isle of Man TT.

Death is, inevitably, the unmentioned guest at the Isle of Man TT. It is a horrible, tragic statistic. But it is not one the riders are unaware of. They know the risk, and they embrace it. They ride not in spite of danger, but because of it. I cannot claim to fully understand it, but I certainly respect it.

I hope the patron saint of motorcyclists Columbanus of Bobbio will be present at this years event, and hope that no one will be seriously injured.

List of Fatal Accidents at the Isle of Man:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This Weeks Cling On Girl...

When Safety Became An Issue At The Isle Of Man TT

From 1949 to 1976 the Isle of Man race was part of the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship and home of the British Grand Prix. With the increase in speed, and with more focus on safety, the event came under increasing scrutiny due to safety concerns.

The Isle of Mann TT 125cc Ultra-Lightweight TT Race in 1972 should be the turning point for the event!

While lying in first place on the second lap during this race that was held in heavy rain, Gilberto Parlotti crashed his 125cc Morbidelli motorcycle at the Verandah section on the A18 Mountain Road and died from his injuries.

His close friend and 11-time TT winner Giacomo Agostini, announced soon after the crash that he would personally never race again on the Isle of Man.
More riders joined Agostini's boycott and by the 1976, only a handful of serious Grand Prix riders were among the entrants. Shortly after the 1976 TT, the FIM made the long-anticipated announcement that the TT, once the most prestigious race on the Grand Prix calendar, was stripped of its world championship status and would be transferred to the Silverstone track.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Germans Wins At The Isle Of Man

On of the more controversial storied from the Isle of Man, is from 1939. Nazi Germany was represented in more than one class at the Isle of man TT, a grand prix that was previously entirely ruled by British riders. Needless to say, Georg Meier and his team mates were not welcome at the grand prix…

For the 1939 racing season, Georg Meier raced for the factory BMW team during his periods of leave from the police force. Meier drove the terrific, powerful and mighty 500cc B.M.W. RS compressor racer at this race. The 500cc boxer twin featured a Roots-type supercharger, which was mounted in front of the crankcase. The carburettor was on the right with the inlet pipes passing under the cylinders. The overhead camshafts were shaft driven.

On one of the very rare photos from the grand prix, Meier is seen fully air born flying through the air! COOL!!!

During practice for the Race, Meier's BMW team-mate, Kall Gall crashed at Ballaugh Bridge and later died of his injuries in hospital. After considering withdrawing from the Isle of Man TT, the BMW management decided that Meier and Jock West would compete in the 1939 Senior TT Race.

Georg Meier led from start to finish, winning at an average speed of no less then 89.38 mph (143.84 km/h), and Jock West finished in second place. Meier also broke the fastest lap record with an average speed of a massive 90.75 mph (146.05 km/h). Which at the time was an amazingly fast speed on the Isle of Man T.T. Mountain circuit?

The 500cc B.M.W. RS compressor racer has because of the Isle of Man race in 1939 become the most famous BMW racing model ever, and an everlasting monument of BMW’s overshadowing technological capabilities at the time.

Joe King Racing - CR750 No.4

Just before we start the Isle of man warm up week, I would like to show all of you CB/CR750 nuts out there something really nice…

This is my motorcycle brother Paulo’s (Aka: Joe King) CR750 replica, and it finally got its faring on. I just have to say Wow!!! Black N White is just classy…

Some really cool features on this bike is the priceless Lester gold mags. They are bloody hard to come by! And I just wish they where on my CB750…

Have fun finishing the bike Paulo. Hope you will get the rear sets you are looking for?


Isle Of Man – Warm Up Week

The Isle of man TT is just next week, and I think I am not the only one who can’t wait to follow the race!?

Cling on for dear life will this week post feeds on historic events from the epiq motorcycle race.

See you soon…

Monday, 16 May 2011

Charge - Now Available on DVD


CHARGE is proof that maniacs on motorcycles can be a force for global good.

The movie follows several teams to the world's first zero-emissions grand prix in 2009, and on their return in 2010. For the visionaries, it's history. For the petrol-heads, it's blasphemy. What's racing without the sound and fury of internal combustion engines?

Among the electric racers are two American teams vying not only to win the first zero-emissions grand prix, but also to be the first all-American competitors, with an American-built motorcycle and an American rider, to win a TT since racing began on the Isle of Man in 1907. 

Order the movie here:

Yoshimura Big Bore Rods - On Ebay

Are you building a big bore CB/CR750 engine? Have a look at this!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Two Brothers Joins The Café Racer Scene

My two good mates Mr. Van [Yamaha] & Mr. Assarsson [Moto Guzzi] has recently acquired there motorcycle licenses, and has purchased some cool donor bike that will be re-build Café Racers, ready for next years motorcycle season.

Please welcome two new Café Racer Brothers. 

MotoGP Martial Arts: Stoner Vs. De Puniet

It seem like the feisty Casey Stoner can't make any friends at the padocks this seasson? First the aussie was forced off track by Valentino Rossi at the Spanish Grand Prix, and this week at the Le Mans track it was Randy de Puniet who was a hurdle!

The incident happened as Randy de Puniet and Álvaro Bautista had slowed on the racing line, with Stoner rapidly approaching. With de Puniet looking back over his shoulder, the French rider seemingly moved to get out of the way of Stoner, who was on the inside of the two riders. However Randy de Puniet moved, and blocked Casey’s line, as he tried to make his pass over the slower duo.
Noticeably upset about having to slow down and being blocked on his fast lap, Stoner punched de Puniet on the shoulder. Stoner also exchanging other gestures of unsportsmanlike nature, as he seconds later passed the two riders.

Race Direction later fined Stoner €5,000 for turning MotoGP into an arena of martial arts.