Sunday, 29 May 2011

Danish Thomas Harding Died At Todays Race

It is sad to inform you all that the danish superbike rider Thomas Harding died at todays motorcycle race at Padborg Park. Harding lost control of his motorcycle, hit a crash barrier and was subsequently hit by his own vehicle.

Harding was flown to Flensborg Hospital, where he died from his injuries at 16:43.

#95 Thomas Harding


Season Opening - Motorstyrelsen

The Copenhagen based motorcycle club Motorstyrelsen held their second season opening at their workshop yesterday.

Most of the bikes in the shop is pre 1960, and they are all in super condition.

Thanks to Kasper & Christian for the invitation - Hope to see you on the 11th July...


The Matchless Café Racer

This beautiful Matchless G12 650 was first registered in July 31st 1961

Very nice ...

The Yamaha SR 400 Rat Pack

The Indian

Died On The 29th May At The Isle Of Man TT

John Makaula-White - Handley's Corner – 1950

Leonard C Bolshaw - 32nd Milestone – 1951

Roger J. Cox - Sarah's Cottage – 1984

Petr Hlavatka - The Nook – 1991

Stephen Wood – Whitegates – 2000

David Jefferies – Crosby – 2003

Serge le Moal - Braddan Bridge – 2004

Jun Maeda - Ballahutchin Hill - 2006