Monday, 10 January 2011

In the 1970s bikes where stunning...

... and people were funny looking!

If You Don’t Like CB750 Motorcycles... could always turn it into a weird looking Unisport Cabin Scooter.

The idea was that you could take your Honda CB450-750, and remove the front forks, and attach the rest of the motorcycle to the Unisport 2-person tandem tub, 2 wheel front.

Steering was done by steering wheel, and buttons on the steering wheel controlled 2 electric motors, on the tilting front suspension. In other words, you could make the 3-wheeled vehicle lean into turns.

The Unicar Corp was founded in the early 70s and lasted 2-3 years - impressive! As the legend goes, the body was designed by Bruce Meyers, the creator of the classic Meyer's Manx dune buggy, but I personally have no verification of this – it could be pure fiction?

Find more info on the Unisport here:

Front fork work – Ongoing...

The front forks are now completely disassembled, and the lower legs are sent for buffing and powder coating.

New Hagon Progressive Springs will be ordered very soon. And to match the front end the rear will be fitted with Hagon 2810 adjustable shocks for a completely tuneable setup.

And do I need Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators and do a comprehensive overkill of it all?!? Only time will tell...

We R Winning

First time I saw We R Winning’s first trailer it was clear that I could completely relate to these guys.

We R Winning put it this way:


Taking risks is important. Without risk life drags on into a mindless web of routines where the vitality of hope is slowly sucked from our memory. It's not long before we are deceived into settling for less of a life than what is actually achievable. I'm always grateful to hear a tale of ordinary people freeing themselves from these illusions. We should all make an effort to have a story like this someday. We R Winning are proud to present an inspiring film about a group of friends overcoming the uncertainties that keeps people from doing what they love”.


If this is something for you maybe We R Winning’s blog is worth visiting

You have my respect! And right now I fell like You, Me, and all of you bike builders & riders, We R Winning...

The One Motorcycleshow

If you are anywhere near Portland Oregon (USA) it is you duty to go to The One Motorcycleshow on February the 5th. See more info here:

The show has more than 50+ super cool bikes on display, and some of the most pleasant people always shows up to these event – so why not be there?!


Unfortunately I am not able to go to the US to attend, so if any of you go please take some pictures and send them to then I will post them on the blog.

Have fun gang!