Monday, 22 November 2010

This Weeks Cling On Girl... of cause a Lester girl !

Lester - The Re-invention Of The Wheel

Even though cast alloy wheels are standard on most modern motorcycles today, it was ground braking news when The Lester Tire & Wheel Company in Ohio introduced the spoke less cast alloy wheel in the early 70s.

The Lester wheels were popular with racers because they were light, strong, and some could even take tubeless radial tire like the Dunlop Touring Elite or Goodyear – Eagle.

There were several other wheel manufacturers, e.g. Morris and Henry Abe that followed in Lester’s footsteps. Most of the companies made wheels for the Honda CB750s, and most people bought them for looks.

If you want to see more cool cast alloy wheels go to the following webpage:

Espresso – a real CB750 Café Racer

It would be tempting to call this a real coffee machine, due to its name The Espresso.

I am not sure what I think of the tank and tail, and the design is pretty much off the shelf CB750. But with the rear sets and clubman bars it must handle really well, and be a joy to ride.

CR750 replica at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010

A friend of mine is working in Asia and forwarded the picture of this beautiful CR750 replica.

With mirrors and indicators build into the faring, this CR750 is fully road legal! What a head turner!

The front drum brake is not historically correct, but with the attention to detail on this bike it will not drag the total score for this bike down.