Thursday, 30 September 2010

CB/CR750 Café Racer Project Started !!!

1st of October is the end of the motorcycle season for me, and I have taken a head start on my CB750 Café Racer project.

And good progresses from last evenings work to! The old seat, tank, exhaust, and manifold are off the bike, and my new CR750 tank has just arrived from Italy.

Heat wrap is going on the manifold ASAP, and the front fork will receive heavy tender love and care in the next coming months.

Some of the issues with the motorcycle have now been solved, and new problems have arisen… The way it should be, and the way it always is with old women!



Monday, 27 September 2010

Max Biaggi World Superbike Champion 2010

After not winning a single championship title since his 250GP days, The Pirate (aka Max Biaggi) finally got his act together and won one of the big motorcycle titles.

For fans in Italy, this moment is a big one, as an Italian rider, on an Italian bike, during an Italian race, clinch a major championship title.

I am really happy that some Italian rider wins, now that Rossi won’t ride or win the MotoGP series – otherwise my pizza pusher would be grumpy until next season starts!!! And I would go hungry …

The real celebration here is the fact that Ducati did a great job, and left the World Superbike Series before it got really rotten!
I am sure that we are many who are looking forward to see
Ducati focus and do some voodoo with The Doctor next MotoGP season. Then I am sure that the Italian fans and my pizza man will go fucking ballistic!!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The coolest sound in the world!

This is the Brammo Empulse 8.0 on a flyby!

It makes the coolest sound in the world! Something out of a science fiction movie...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

MotoCzysz at Bonneville

Last week Mr. Czysz tried to brake the land speed record for electric motorcycles at the 2010 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials held at Bonneville salt flats.

Being second after Lightning Motors I still belive the MotoCzysz Ep1c was the best looking bike at Bonneville that day!

Go MotoCzysz!!! Better luck next year...

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Don’t hesitate to get out there...

Every September in Denmark you have to steal every motorcycle opportunity you can get!!!

The weather changes from hour to hour, and sunshine and clear sky can turn to cloudy weather and heavy rain. The rain radar is you friend…

The Danish Metrological Institute (DMI) predicts clear weather until 2000 hours this evening!!!

Don’t hesitate to get out there and Cling On man !!! I am out of here…

In memory of Shoya Tomizawa

The 19 year old Moto2 rider Shoya Tomizawa past away after suffering a horrific crash during the San Marino Grand Prix this Sunday.

Tomizawa was travelling at full speed when he fell off on a corner and was hit violently by the bikes of Alex De Angelis and Scott Redding, who both tumbled but was relatively unhurt.

Tomizawa was immediately taken to hospital, where he died from cranial, thoracic and abdominal trauma at 2.20pm local time.

Tomizawa won earlier this season in Qatar and was seventh in the overall standings.

Monday, 6 September 2010

CB750 engine restoration

This CB750 engine restoration was done in Essex England, and what a nice job it is!!!

It looks better then when it left the factory in Japan some 30 years ago.

Beautiful job Bandit Blue 1200

The art of Speed – New Falcon Motorcycle Video

Ian Barry from Falcon Motorcycles is taking an enviable ride down LA Rivers storm system, on his 110% hand build bike “The Kestrel”.

Want one, Can’t afford one = My life is miserable or something like that :)

This video makes you think of Terminator II for some reason???


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lightning Motors sets land speed record

This Friday the Lightning Motors Team took the FIM and AMA land speed record, for special construction partial streamlining electric motorcycles (300-APS-W) with an official two-way average speed of 173.388 mph (279.040 km/h). Blasting down the course at 170.732 mph (274.766 Km/h) with a 10 mph headwind, Lightning Motors’ return run was clocked at 176.044 (283.315 Km/h) with no wind.

Michael Czysz and the MotoCzysz crew was unable to top Lightning’s time, but was able to reached their goals for the weekend with an anticipated best speed of 165 mph, Czysz & Co. hit 163 mph (265 Km/h).

The Jose Armenteros CB750

Just stumbled on these cool pictures of a cool yellow CB750.

It was build by Jose Armenteros, and if you have not noticed it has Yoshimura exhausts…