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TAS Classic Motorsports – A Final Update

Those of you who are frequent visitors to this blog knows that I have made a warning to all of you about shopping at TAS Classic Motorsport, after I having been forced to make a Better Business Bureau case after not having received a part or refund in 5 month?

To your information the money has now been returned to me, but this does not mean that TAS Classic Motorsports stops pulling my leg…



September 24th 2010:

I order a part for my CB750


From the September 24th 2010 to January 24th 2011:

I e-mail TAS Classic Motorsport on a weekly basis trying to get information and tracking details on my shipment, TAS Classic Motorsports fail to reply to any of my mails.
In this period I make three long distance phone calls to the Parts Manager (Mathews Paul), who promise me several times to ship the part and provide me with a tracking number. This never happens…


January 24th 2011:

I send TAS Classic Motorsports a final forewarning and give them 48 hours to reply (plus the time difference between the US and Denmark). TAS Classic Motorsports fail to reply...

January 28th 2011:

After no reply to my e-mail I file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, which is taken care of by miss Susie Firestine.

After BBB get involved in the case my money is returned to me via paypal.

I do not get any mail or apology from TAS Classic Motorsports???


January 30th 2011

“Someone” from TAS Classic Motorsports, who fail to mention his name, and later say that I should contact him personally (no name, e-mail, phone number are mentioned in the text???), post a comment to this post [http://clingonforlife.blogspot.com/2011/01/tas-classic-motorsports-fraud-company.html] saying the folloving:


Hello, Jesper, You must be mistaken, as it appears that a Refund was Issued after shipping troubles via your Chosen First Class Shipping Method. Please Review your Account, PayPal Transaction ID Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "Hello TAS Classic MotorSports, Your payment for $XX.XX USD to XXXXXXXX@gmail.com has been sent. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview. Payment details Amount: $XX.XX USD Transaction Date: January 27, 2011 Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Shipping Address: TAS Classic MotorSports 5431 West 100 South Wabash, IN 46992 United States View the details of this transaction online Sincerely, PayPal" If you log into your PayPal account, you will notice this refund, replacing the full original amount of $XX.XX USD. If you have further troubles finding this refund, don't hesitate to contact myself, or a PayPal representative.

With a Shipment out the door, as well as a refund, as a company, we are not sure what more we can do from this end. With International Shipments, it is recommend to upgrade to a Quicker Priority Mailing, which will clear customs without a hitch normally, and you will be more content with a quicker delivery of your product to your hands. Without a Note in advance, as Stated in our Website Terms and Conditions, International Buyers are Not to Purchase without first going through our International system of Bongo.com. International Shipping is Not Free, Bongo will be more than glad to help you through the International Shipment Process.

Upon viewing the Entered Shipment Information, it does appear that your Package was passed through the International Sort Facility located in Chicago, Illinois. Please view Delivery Confirmation Number: LN069100520US Thanks for your time Jesper.

TAS Classic MotorSports Inc.


Today January 31st 2011-02-01

I post this reply back to Terry Paul the owner of TAS Classic Motorsports:

Hi TAS Classic Motorsports

Thank you for your comment on my blog regarding the resent BBB case. The information on this case will not be deleted from the blog or any of the other 25-30 forums, facebook groups, and international motorcycle clubs that have gotten the same information.

To your information I receive 5-15 USPS packages a week from other companies, and have never experienced a more sloppy company than yours? You lack of communication is scary, and your sweet talking way to drag time on the phone is downright unappealing!

I have send numerous e-mails to your company that you have failed to reply to, you even failed to reply to my e-mail of 24th January 2011, giving you a final warning before going to the BBB.

I am 100% sure that you would not had returned my money, unless I had made a case on your company via the BBB. And now that you are returning to me this way trying to “Straighten things out” I am even more convinced that you are pulling a scam on your clients.

First of all I have screamed and yelled for a track and trace number for this shipment in e-mails and in every phone call I have made to TAS, and only now after a BBB case you provide me with a tracking number?
The tragicomic thing about this USPS tracking number (that you claim is for my shipment) is that is was
processed through USPS CHICAGO, on September 18, 2010, four days before I ordered my parts. This can therefore not be my part, and therefore this can only mean that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, or you are still trying to lie to me to try and get out of bad PR.

This is the last that you will hear from me, because I am feet up with you and your slander!!!

I am not going to waist any more time on you people.

Keep on fucking with other people’s time and money guys; it seems that it is all that you people are good for.

With regards,


TAS Classic Motorsports… A company that I can not recommend – Sorry…

I have wasted my own and your time on this sad case, and now it is over!

I got my money, and you guys know what TAS Classic Motorsports are made of. And I am sure that you are intelligent enough to make your own mind about all this…

With regards,

You Editor of Cling on for dear life