Saturday, 28 May 2011

Died On The 28th May At The Isle Of Man TT

Johan Erik van Tilburg - Windy Corner/33rd Milestone – 1948

Peter McKinley – Milntown – 1975

Sven Tomas Eriksson - Alpine Cottage – 1985

Mats Urban Eriksson - Alpine Cottage – 1985

Ian Ogden - 11th Milestone – 1986

Ian Young – Appledene – 1991

Unique Fully Factory Built CR750 For Sale!!!

This unique Honda CR 750 is fully factory built by Honda in Japan NOT a replica. The bike was sold to the Swedish Honda distributer to be raced in the Formula 750 cc class in Sweden. The bike was ordered in the summer of 1971 and delivered in time for the race season of 1972.
The bike was owned by the Honda distributor until 1974. During that time the bike was never raced. It was tested only one time and lightly crashed on the right side.

There is probably not more than 4 or 5 CR 750 bikes built by Honda of 1971 model.

Replaced parts is following: Crank case (Honda original) Pistons (Honda STD F1), Conrods (Carrillo), rear shock absorbers (Koni) and front brake pads(SBS). The cylinder head is an original CR Honda, factory ported, with 31 mm inlet and magnesium carburetors, including 31 mm original rubber inlets. The camshaft is original CR and CR specification. CR cam-chain and CR transmission chain. The steel  cam chain tensioner  has a push wheel  with ball bearing. The clutch is reinforced race specification. The gearbox is a close race gearbox with reversed selector.

  • The crankshaft is a lighter and balanced race crank from Honda.
  • The ignition is a fixed 40 degrees ignition. (welded by Honda.)
  • The Exhaust is a very thin wall exhaust, that is two halves welded together.
  • The rear wheel hub is made of magnesium with a riveted brake surface of steel with original brake shoes.
  • Front brakes are modified by the factory to dual front brakes, including the brackets.
  • Honda CR insertrumentation with brackets. (rew-counter, oil pressure)
  • Front fork springs are classified and the data is marked at the lower forklegs.
  • Race Steering damper and brackets are from Honda with damper specifications marked at the damper.
  • Aluminum race fuel tank, with a 1 liter reservoir.
  • Original CR oil cooler with special bracket.
  • Crankcase and oil tank ventilation has a separate expansion tank under the seat.
  • The fairing is original, and has a special air intake and outlet for the oil cooler. The lower quick release bracket for the fairing is welded in the frame.
  • The ignition key is located on the right side under the fuel tank with a special bracket.
  • The handle bars are a quick release clip on type with factory marks for the right position.

All documentation from the factory is included. There are 9 pages of blue print transparent papers, each page signed by the responsible mechanic at the Honda factory.