Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cling On For Dear Life ! ! !

Until the pilot returns

The Grand Master

A Man's Most Essential Piece Of Clothing...

...Most Be The CB750

A Man Toy

This Week's Cling On Girl (Guy ?)...

I am sorry for my absence...

...I needed a break

I have not made updates to this blog for some two month now... I have simply been busy doing grown up stuff like work, you know! But not having logged in for month you guys & girls just can't leave COFDL alone can your?!? Last month nearly 15000 people visited the blog, a new all time record? And I was not even home... How unpolitely of me - sorry. I will not promise that the blog will get updated on a daily basis from now on, but I do miss you people!!!

New CB750 - Closer to the finish

New CB750 in the making from WMs