Wednesday, 5 January 2011

This Weeks Cling On Girl...

When one CB750 engine just is not enough!!!

The Action Fours Shop made killer performance parts such as competition cams, collector headers, lightened and polished rods, plus big bore kits for CB750's in Santa Ana (California) in the 70s. This is one of there over the top CB750 Drag Bikes. Talk about speed heaven!!!

My CR 750 on Joe Kings Speedshop Blog

This morning I received a cool mail from Paulo from Joe Kings Speedshop.

After having bought a CR750 seat from his shop, he has shown a keen interest in my bike build. So now my bike is on the Joe Kings Speedshop Blog [ ]

Thank you Paulo for the recognition! I know you can’t wait to see more pictures of the bike, but I am working on it.