Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Front End Is Back On The Bike

Finally my last parts arrived, and after an evening of work the front end is back together and back on the old CB750. The raw metal finish really stands out, and it will make a nice contrast to the paintjob.

The tank and seat is ready to be picked up from the painter, and I will hopefully have time to put everything together over the weekend.    

Stay tuned for more Rock N Roll!!!

CHARGE – Zero Emission/Maximum Speed

With the Isle of Man race at the end of May I would like to make a sneak peak at one of my favourite classes, the TTXGP . It may not be the fastest in the world, but maybe one of the coolest and most innovative.
With Brammo’s streetbike coming on the marked next year, and Mission Motors making a pure electric superbike, it is hard not to accept the fact that electric motorcycles is a way of the future.

And the Ewan McGregor voice over is a nice feature to…