Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sheer Speed - Sure Handling


Martin Frame - CB750s

....::: Notice the Russ Collins cylinders on the orange racebike :::....

Cling On For Dear Life !!!

New CB750 Cafe Racer by Motohangar

It is not the first time there is a bike from Motohangar here on COFDL, they really make som super original motorcycles. The Honduki is one of the only bikes featured here on COFDL that is not fitted with a CB750 engine [it is that cool!!!], and Jon's CB750 is on my top 10 of best CB750 café Racers. 

So here we go again... A new dark blue beauty! No nonsense, no parts that does not need to be there. Voila!!!

This Week's Cling On Girl...

...Is lost in a motorcycle parking lot?!? Or something...

Honda CB750 - Muscle Machine Body

Update: Swedish Made Bodywork

I would like to thank Björn from Sweden for even more information on the Swedish made bodywork, for the Honda CB750.

About 1975 the leading companies of the Cafe Racer scene were gathered around Anderstorp in Småland, also well known for the Anderstorp Raceway. At the time when the companies Stigefelts Motor, Raask and Muscle Machine where creating fast bikes, Team lotus and swedish race driver Ronnie Peterson where racing in formula 1 cars few kilometers from their workshops - just to put things in perspective. 

The Muscle Machine-body was created in 1975 by the two motorcycle enthusiasts Bengt Ek and Roger Johansson. Bengt was a designer and Roger was handy with glass fibre. Muscle Machine produced bodies for a number of different motorbikes from Kawazaki 900, Yamaha XS 500, and the most popular version for the Honda CB750 and CB550. Altogether about 1000 bodies were manufactured by Muscle Machine.

Twinline Moto Shoot