Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cling On For Dear Life

JUMP !!!

And The Soundtrack:

From The Family Photo Album

Well I go through a lot of Sh*t for you Ladies & gents! I seriously go through millions of pictures each year to find those crazy, funny and interesting CB750s for you.

This one is a special one that I have wanted to do for a looooong time! Family photo album shots of the CB750 you once had. It is so great to see all these old shots of the CB750 being used in its heyday.

PLEASE: If you have similar pictures that I can use here on the blog, you are welcome to send them to:

I shot this beast in the woods behind you...

Camping in the UK

CB750 Italian police style

Old cheap film just go red right?

The kinds love CB750s

Some times you can get tired of riding a CB750, but you have to go very far!

They put the wrong model on that bike!?!

What a nice dog

I am sure the girls on the left fancy the guy in the leather and glasses on the right!

The CB750 takes you places

Hope You Have A Sense Of Humour?!?

Well this is a really hard post for me to put on COFDL....

One of my new years resolutions were, no is, to not say bad things about other people’s bikes! People put a lot of time and love into these machines, and who am I to say otherwise?!

But since first of January I have come to realise how biased I am, and what a bad person I really am – there are so many times in a week where I just have to shut the F*ck up!!!

Well some times it is a really hard job (but somebody got to do it right???), to plough through the internet, forums, old magazines etc. to find all the cool CB750s I post here on the blog. Sometimes there is on out of every maybe thousand CB750 pictures I use? And some of them are really... Stop it Mister!!! Oh yeah! I am not going to say bad things about other people’s bikes this year!!!

Well come to the point: 
Here is a post about bikes that would not normally go on this blog, and are (let’s say) so funny that I wanted to share them with you people. 

Hope you have a sense of humour?!? This is very unserious... 

WHAT!!! Chicken & watermelon, and black girls, North state flags and whips??? 

This is sooo wrong!!!