Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This Weeks Cling On Girl...

The New Wrenchmonkee CB750

The Wrenchmonkees have done it again!!! A new CB750 is on the road…

If you are not deaf dumb and blind, you have probably already seen the iconic Monkee #11 bike (aka Gorilla Punch), on every single café racer blog on the web! But Gorilla Punch is only one of the many CB750 monkee bikes coming out of the workshop at Uplandsgade here in Copenhagen! The Club Black #1 bike was also a super cool, all black, exercise of style that looked like it was doing a ton standing still!!!

Now there is a new CB750 on the road, and this time the Monkees has gone for a more subdued design expression. This is a bike for the road, a 8000+ Km/year bike that will not break your bag in the process… Even though the stock look is striking, the chopped fenders, Firestone tires, and longer and lower seat make a big difference when you look at it.

The only oops (To me! You might think differently?) on this bike is that the black and white paint job should have been reversed. I for one think this bike is too white…

But what a cool bike it is! Some bloke will have shit loads of good clean fun on this bike! And I can’t blame him… Happy riding!

Thank you Nicolas, Per & Andreas for letting med use the pictures…


Gorilla Punch :

Club Black #1 :

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Lost Art Of Building A Motorcycles???

One of the lines in this interview goes a bit like this: "I believe this is going to be a lost art... Who is the next me?"

Don´t worry people, we are many here in Copenhagen that are learning the trades from all the old guys!

The art of building motorcycles will not die with them, they will live in everyone of us who make a difference....

So do not hesitate! Go out and learn... For the sake of cool motorcycles!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Friday, 25 March 2011

Honda CR 750 M3 Factory Racer

Sorry to tell you this... But this makes my cock hard!!!

.... Porn for motorcyclists

Monday, 21 March 2011

Honda Strong As Hell In First Race Of The Season!!!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

This Years Winter Tyres

This winter has been a pain, and I am so pleased that spring is on its way here in Denmark!

But when winter returns I will be prepared! With these tyres no winter is a match for me!

CB750 Dresda Fruitcakes – 70’s style

One Way Ticket To CB750 Speed Heaven

A trip down memory lane with this dual CB750 engined drag bike will probably take you to about 200+ miles per hour! I know this picture is old, but they went fast enough back then to satisfy most of you peoples need for speed...

Wrenchmonkees on Facebook

Some of my good motorcycle friends and workshop (MCS – Racing) neighbours, the notorious Wrenchmonkees went online on Facebook yesterday.

This is a super opportunity to keep track with news, update, and general info from the cycle chimpanzees!

And please visit the: