Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Honda CR 750 M3 Factory Racer

Hmm…. It seems like all the super cool CB/CR750 ends up in the Dubai desert these days…?

First the Wrench Monkees Gorilla Punch is bourght by some nightclub owner and put on display in a bar in Dubai, and now the celebrated Honda CR 750 M3 Factory Racer is living a new life close to the Dubai Autodrome.

The bike was constructed during the winter of 1996-1997 by Mark McGrew and the M3 crew, at the M3 Racing factory in Northern Minnesota. Mr Eric Charles recently bought the mind blowing CR750, and put it in his collection of historically relevant classic racers. Lucky guy…

This bike has start in such magazines as: Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Classic Bike UK, Cycle News, Classic Racer UK, AMA Magazine, and Mick Duckworths book "Honda CB750". So there is no doubt that this is a real star of the CR750s!

Thanks to the dab hand of French Legend Gilles Chauve the carbs has been given a thorough going over so the bike is now a 100% race ready again.



Engine built by M3 Racing (92-93 HP @ 9800 RPM)
Nova Close Ratio gear box (newest updated version)
Lightened/balanced/micro polished crank with oil hole mods.
Carrillo conecting rods with Kelmet racing beariings.
Special M3 slipper type cam chain tensioner/Tsubaki racing chain.
Special M3 racing pistons/rings, set at zero deck height.
Special M3 racing grind camshaft by Web Cam.
Lightened/polished rocker arms with special M3 adjustimng lock nuts.
KPMI springs/Ti retainers and Black Diamond valves.
Cylinder head Ported/flowed by "Berreth Heads" to M3 specs.
Special primary drive hub with M3 modifications.
Dyna ingition with OEM advancer.
Special top cover with top engine mount by M3 Racing.
CR special 31mm carbs.
Heavy duty racing clutch.
Heavy duty primary chains.
OEM oil pump modified to M3 Racing specs.


22 liter RSC made factory fuel tank alloy with magnesium cap
Dick Mann seat/seat cover taken from Honda race team spares
Alloy factory RSC oil tank from Team Honda
RSC magnesium side cover for AC generator
Hand made megaphones by Rob North to factory "works" specs
Titanium front & rear axels, from Dick Mann spares
Titanium engine bolts & swingarm pivot from Dick Mann spares
RSC tachometer/oil pressure mounting plate
Factory RSC tachometer
Works Performance rear shocks built to M3 Racing specs.
Special alloy swingarm bearings and pivot system.


Race Day No. 1

Race Day No. 2

Race Day No. 3

The M3Racing CR750

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