Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cling on!

And cut down on the smoking! It will kill you in the end...

Cool CB750 out of Oregon USA

This CB750 café racer project is on of the cleanest looking bikes I have seen in a long time! I really like this bike.

If you go into the details it is very stock, but the ballance between lines, paint and original parts work very well...

The small details like the red painted rim-lines, lowered tacho and speedometer, plus red sparkplug wires makes it so bloody cool.

Unfortunattely I do not know who build it, but I know it was build in Oregon USA. If anyone can give more info please contact me...

The Wednesday Cling On Girl [Compensation]

Hi Folk!!!

Just got an "angry" e-mail saying that I have not posted The Wednesday Cling On Girl for the past 2 weeks?!?

I am very sorry... I simply forgot! Sorry girls, I will show you some respect ASAP !!!

Tomorrows Cling On Girl is included in this post :)