Friday, 16 September 2011

The All Chrome CB750 Café Racer

In July I posted a super cool all chromed up CB750 Café Racer here at Cling on for dear life. Due to the old Japanese flag on the seat, I associated it with emperor ruled Japan, and titled it “The Kamikaze CB750”.  

Moments later I got a comment from my partner in crime, Mr. Paulo, who runs Joe Kings Helmets Speedshop. He knew the owner of the bike, and was building a set of four into four CR750 exhaust pipes (for his own CR750 replica) with him.

Paulo informed me that the bike was not build in Japan, but was from Brazil. And even better, he also send more cool pictures of the bike.

People, I am sorry that the former post gave the impression that it was a Japanese bike, but I am really happy that I was informed of this, so you could all benefit from more info and material on this super nice CB750.