Saturday, 11 August 2012

Speed Contraption Par Excellence

The 1952 Cushman Eagle belonging to first time Bonneville competitor, David Harto (2011)

The Danish Salt Cracker

2nd September 2011 Lars (From Denmark) came in the AMA record books, with an average speed of 157 Km/h (97.5 mph) over two runs at Bonneville, with his 600cc speed contraption "The Salt Cracker". 
It may not sound as super fast, but it is still a Bonneville record. The moral of the story is: It pays of to read the rules and regulations. 

Lowbrow Customs

Plenty of midnight oil has been burned at Lowbrow Customs with the preparation of several motorcycles for Bonneville Speed Week 2012. The newest addition to the stable of motorcycles is a dual-engine 1955 Triumph motorcycle which will compete in the 1350 c.c. class, in addition to a single engine 1955 750 c.c. Triumph that set two land speed records last year, and a 1967 650 c.c. Triumph that set a single record as well.

Speed Week - Entry Application

More money more problems...
... And if I had more money I would definitely get into trouble!
Last night I dreamed of the fastest CB750 - Maybe one day?

Speed Week 2012

The Annual Outbreak
"Salt Fever" 

....::: CATCH IT :::....

CB750 At Bol d'Or - 1969 & 1973

Not even in the showrooms yet, and the CB750 is having its first appearance on the racetrack

The 1970s did not lack ingenuity!?
Look at the breaks, and fairing on this thing!?!

More Rickman

Dresda On Fire ! ! !

The Only Thing Missing Is Coffee...

Rickman In Action

Da da da da da da da da RICKMAN !!!