Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Holiday Picture

It's me in the black leathers

Well I have taken the liberty of not updating COFDL for three weeks, and go on vaccation - for the first time since the blog started in 2008. This resulted in, and I knew this would happen, hate mail containg quotes like; "What are you thinking!!!!" and "Are your abandoning your family". But I can handle it, I know how much you people love CB750, so it is totally normal to return to an inbox that want to eat you alive!!!

Thanks to Isaiah (From Chicago) for the nice e-mail, J.S.Fury for the good advice, and David for keeping me updated while I was on vaccation. 


  1. You welcome Pilot. And I hope you had a great vacation. I also hope you took lots of pictures to put on the blog. Welcome home mate.

  2. Thank you guys :D

    I had a super nice vaccation, and I am glad to be back :D