Sunday, 22 September 2013

I Finally Found Jacob Ford's Bike

Back in 2010 I was trawling the internet in my endless search for cool pictures of motorcycles, and somehow somewhere I saw the the above picture, and it just stuck in my head!

The picture title was "Jacobsbike3", and for 2-3 years I asked almost everyone that I could think of if they knew who owned the bike. Finally I made a post here on COFDL, with the title WANTED - Who Build This Café Racer ??? - and no one answered.... Until now that is, because Jacob send me an e-mail where he wrote:

Hi there,

Just happened to stumble across your sight.  My name is Jacob Ford.  I built this bike.  I just sold it this fall. 

It’s a 1971 CB750.  I bought the bike from the original owner for $1000 not running.  The bike was all original except for the four into one exhaust.  It went through several renditions before it got to its final stage.  The tank and seat were actually meant to go on a CB450 bike that I was also building at the time.  I wanted the bike to look very flat across the top to stay with the theme of the tank.  That meant changing to clip on bars, different gauges and gauge mounts.  It is all pretty much stock, got rid of the points, changed to CB900 headlight.  Stock upper triple tree clamps just shave the original bar mounts off.  I always loved the old Honda CR race bike paint themes for their simplicity but I love black bikes so that is how the paint came to be what it is. Here are some random pictures of my CB750 throughout its different renditions.

The Internet! You gotta love it :D 

Thank you very much for your time Jacob. I really appreciate that you contacted me, and letting us see more of this beautiful bike.

PS: Sorry Jacob for me posting this story with such a long delay. I am just busy racing bikes these days ;) I am sure you understand?

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