Friday, 25 November 2011

Yoshimura Mikuni TMR-MJN32

As an alternative to Keihin CR carps, for your CB750, the Yoshimura Mikuni TMR-MJN32 carp set is a top of the line product with one extra millimeter in boresize. And more is more, right?!? 
Mainly sold in Japan this luxury item is hard to get, and hard to pay for! But holy mother of Jesus it looks sexy. The carps can be ordered in metal, or dark green black, with red tops - Mmmmm! The set comes with aluminium velocity stack, and not the plastic thing you get with the Keihin carps. I LIKE IT!

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  1. Yep! They are made by angels and sprayed with holy water ;)

    It will make them go faster :)

    Hope your black CR750 runs like clockwork?

    Warm regards, Jesper