Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The CB 750. The first ever superbike – Part. 4 [Café Racers]

Chris Sharon... the proud owner and builder of this immaculate CB750F. Based in Seattle, he is also a member of a vintage motorcycle club called the Knuckle Busters. To get a few extra horsepower, the heads were ported and polished, 849cc big bore with stage three cam and chrome 4 into 1 exhaust. The frame was powder coated in flat black paint with hand laid pin stripes.

Jason Koschnitzke... an industrial designer by trade and has been wrenching part-time on bikes for many years and many late nights. Recently he decided to follow his dreams and make wrenching his full-time job. So he created Motto Motorcycles which are based in Chicago. The 1978 Honda CB750 is built with a 836cc Wiseco 10.25 C/R kit and supporting go fast internal modifications. It's running Keihin 29mm CR carbs and a ceramic coated Kerker 4-1 exhaust with 2.0" baffle. It has double disc brakes in the front, drilled rotors and he flipped the forks around to place the calipers on the back side.

Wrench Monkees...

...Gorilla Punch is probably the most famous CB 750 Café racer. Being posted on almost every MC blog ever it is hard to miss.

Steve "Carpy" Carpenter...

...from the amazing CB750 Cafe has build this CB750 called the "Road Warrior'. Carpy dedicated this CB to the helicopter crew of HS-6, who died last year in a tragic training accident. The 'Speedy Indian' graphic on the side cover is a tribute to the aircraft referred to as the "Indian 617".

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