Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The CB 750. The first ever superbike – Part. 1 [The hard facts]

The Honda CB 750 was design by Yoshirou Harada, who also designed the Honda CB 72 & CB450. Before the design process started Mr. Harada gave seven guideline criteria that the new bike should fulfil. The criteria was as follow:

1) A highway cruising speed of between 85 and 100 mph. Abroad power band with minimum vibration and engine noise.

2) Excellent stability, even when travelling at over 100 mph.

3) Strong and reliable braking, effective at high speed and with full loading.

4) Ergonomic riding position and controls, for a relaxed and comfortable ride.

5) Lighting and instrumentation which is patently sophisticated and reliable. Overall looks that will get the machine noticed by other road users.

6) Utter reliability from every component, while inspection and maintenance must be easy.

7) Full use of new materials, technologies and the latest surface treatments to ensure unique design and promote ease of production.

Being the fastest production bike at the time of its release, and on top of that the only production bike with a disk brake, this bike was something else. Remember this bike came out in 1969! Cycle magazine & Cycle world magazine gave floorless reviews of the bike in there January & August issues, and was noticeably amazed by the bikes good handling, acceleration, and stopping power.

Having produced one of the most reliable motorcycles at the time, the CB 750 took the USA & Europe by storm! And crippled the British and American motorcycle production for years and send them onto a serious crisis in the 70’s & 80’s.

No wonder that Honda, a bit cocky some might say, quote themselves in their US commercials; “Sonner or later, you knew Honda would do it”.

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