Monday, 10 January 2011

We R Winning

First time I saw We R Winning’s first trailer it was clear that I could completely relate to these guys.

We R Winning put it this way:


Taking risks is important. Without risk life drags on into a mindless web of routines where the vitality of hope is slowly sucked from our memory. It's not long before we are deceived into settling for less of a life than what is actually achievable. I'm always grateful to hear a tale of ordinary people freeing themselves from these illusions. We should all make an effort to have a story like this someday. We R Winning are proud to present an inspiring film about a group of friends overcoming the uncertainties that keeps people from doing what they love”.


If this is something for you maybe We R Winning’s blog is worth visiting

You have my respect! And right now I fell like You, Me, and all of you bike builders & riders, We R Winning...

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