Monday, 10 January 2011

If You Don’t Like CB750 Motorcycles... could always turn it into a weird looking Unisport Cabin Scooter.

The idea was that you could take your Honda CB450-750, and remove the front forks, and attach the rest of the motorcycle to the Unisport 2-person tandem tub, 2 wheel front.

Steering was done by steering wheel, and buttons on the steering wheel controlled 2 electric motors, on the tilting front suspension. In other words, you could make the 3-wheeled vehicle lean into turns.

The Unicar Corp was founded in the early 70s and lasted 2-3 years - impressive! As the legend goes, the body was designed by Bruce Meyers, the creator of the classic Meyer's Manx dune buggy, but I personally have no verification of this – it could be pure fiction?

Find more info on the Unisport here:

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