Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I am sorry for my absence...

...I needed a break

I have not made updates to this blog for some two month now... I have simply been busy doing grown up stuff like work, you know! But not having logged in for month you guys & girls just can't leave COFDL alone can your?!? Last month nearly 15000 people visited the blog, a new all time record? And I was not even home... How unpolitely of me - sorry. I will not promise that the blog will get updated on a daily basis from now on, but I do miss you people!!!


  1. Pilot, it's very tough to keep a blog going and it's understandable that you need a break now and then. Yes, we out here in blog land are very glad your back and hope you are able to contribute, when you can, all the cool stuff you find and wish to share with us. I hope your rest was beneficial and that you are doing well. Thank you sir, and please keep up the good work.

    P.S. Picture kind of says it all. ;-)

  2. Hi to you both.

    It should not be a secret that I have been woorking very very hard on an electric motorcycle project for the past year. And we are finally getting there. We will be in TTXGP in 2014!!!

    See more at:

    Our webpage will be online 1-2 weeks from now....

    Thank you for the support :)