Monday, 24 September 2012

From The Family Photo Album - Part II

It has been some time since the last Family Photo Album was posted here on COFDL, but now it is here. People have been very kind to scan and send me their old analog photos, so we could all benefit from it. I would like to thank Mamo Marinucci, from Café Racer Culture, for the pictures of his grandfather, and general support of COFDL.

PLEASE: If you have similar pictures that I can use in the future, you are welcome to send them to me:


  1. Wow, what a great bunch of photos you've collected. So you're looking for old pictures of the CB's. Yes? Not new ones.

    1. Both really...

      Old pictures of stoke bikes is a bit same same you know? To put the old bike in a context of the past, and how they where used by the people out in the real world, id to me much more interesting then plowing through a million CB750 of "The Same" stoke motorcycles.
      New bike pictures? Always! I have just started backing my CB750 pictures onto Flicker, and there are litteraly 1000s of pictures. And some 2/3 of them has not even been posted here on COFDL. But I still need more bike pictures right ;)


  2. Okay Pilot, I don't know if I have any old photos, but I might have a few new pics I could send. Let me see what I have.

  3. You are very welcome to send any old pictures you would like to share.

    Then you can participate in part III :)

    With regards,