Saturday, 23 June 2012

That Is Bad Ass !!!

Ok ok ok!!! This bike is soooo evil! Maybe one of the coolest CB750 builds I have seen in 2012? Rough tire pattern is the new black in 2012, and it really match this Café Racer. And if you are giving your bike the number "69", are we talking subliminal messages here?!? And monoshock, then you know someone did some work to the frame. Unfortunately I have no clue to who built it, I would like to see more pictures of this think?


  1. good luck taking a tight corner with those tires. otherwise, yes, rad bike but it needs real street tires. i don't get the firestone/coker junk on a bike you're building to corner, not simply go straight like a "ride-the-highway chopper."

    1. Wow! I thought it was only the Europeans who were interested in cornering :D US bikes and cars are all about going straight right???

      I fully agree on your point, but I don't thing this was build to ride - it looks like a trailer queen? Someone told me that the old school Firestone tires was getting/or is illegal in California??? Sounds good if it is true, they handle really bad, and you can't brake at all!!! Killer tires...

      Thank you for posting Mr. Reker ;)

      With regards,