Monday, 21 May 2012

The Patient Survived!

After no sleep and about a week being anxious, it is over... The dyno test was succesfull, and even though there was a real chance of total engine failure, it went well.

Still not a daily driver, but it is getting there.


  1. Your bike has a great scream! How are the Dyno results?

    1. Hi Christian ;)

      It is not the bike screaming, it is me in the background! It was terrible to stand and watch my bike getting tortured like that for 2½ hour.

      Well the bike was not really on the dyno to get power results, it was to get the Kehine CR carps to run (like in running at all!!!). And the motor is not repaired, and need new piston rings etc etc.

      No more excuses! Here are the Dyno results:

      Maxhp = 61.59
      Max Nm = 62.15
      Max speed = a bit over 180 Km/h.
      ---> With an engine that has not been opened since 1977.

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